it's all about me, pretty self centered right?

  • Death and Taxes

    So the time came and went, I neglected my personal property taxes a bit longer this year and was assessed...

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  • Finally, got my waggin'

    I am so friggan stoked! It's just about everything that I was looking for! 2002 540iT, plus sitting on Style...

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  • On the hunt for a new vehicle

    Well, new to me at least. With the 82 Gray Market e23 not being very child friendly (wife also disapproves...

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  • Long time no see

    It's been a while, I know. I was working freelance on my own without a net, and without a filter...

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  • Lag and Limbo

    So far my efforts in procuring a new position at an exciting company have been fruitless. I do feel as...

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  • New paths, new opportunities

    So far my plan to go it alone may have to wait a bit for other bigger and better things...

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